Hello world of digiscrap !

Whaouh ! I did it ! My first blog… actually I had a try at Yahoo some time ago now, but never lasted.

So why now again ? Not because it’s independance day in America, no. No offense to my American friends. Well, I’ve discovered digital scrapbooking so I wanted to show my “creations” and find a way to thank the nice persons who share their freebies with the rest of us. Hope they won’t feel offended by my baby steps in digiscrap.

By the way, pardon my english as I’m not native but I’ll try to make myself understandable and will make full use of online dictionnaries in case of a spelling emergency (^o^)   (PS: I like to use japanese smileys so get  use to it !!)

Ok now, I’m off to choose what will be my first scrap on this page. That’s a tough choice…well… maybe not because I have been doing this for only 3 weeks and spent most of that time grabbing freebies so not so many tries out yet. But it’s going to change, promiss.

Talk to you soon.