First digiscrap layout

Here we go for the first digiscrap layout I’m proud enough, and brave also, to show the world… or at least the digiscrappers. A cousin’s older daughter posing for me at a family reunion 3 years ago but the layout has been done this week. Isn’t she lovely ?

I would like to thank here, Michelle and Rich for their precious advice as there was a WA “Remember this” in the first draft and they told me it could seem like she passes away !!! Not my intention at all so bye bye “remember this” and hello “perfect”. I like the sepia effect but it’s true it might be mistaken for something way more in the past than it is actually. Anyway, I settled for perfect and kept everything else like I maid at first. English can be tricky even in simple sentences, now I know.

I will try to keep tracks of the things I used in my layouts to give credits to the person kind enough to give away beautiful freebies. Nevertheless, forgive me in advance if I miss some stuff as I was pretty silly at the beginning of this adventure and compiled my freebies in the same folders or even worse, changed names to fit my purpose. Result : don’t know where I got this or that. But I’m doing much better now, don’t worry.

Not too bad for a layout not made after a quick page or a template ? The important thing is that I feel good about my work right ?

Sorry. This picture need to be approve first. I just had to be impetuous and I couldn’t wait for my cousin to know about it (can’t reach him by email). Hope he will forgive me but I really need to ask him first. Credits don’t change so go check those sites.

Credits :

Paper : Benthai, wonderful 4 freebie papers “Love constellation”. One piece also use in my banner, I hope it’s ok as I’m new to this.

Word Art: Virjul

Date Tickets: Miss Vivi, love generation kit.

Great tutorial : photo blending mode (with paper) in Photoshop, TaylorMade Designs. I used PSE 7 and no problems.

Mask: I’m afraid I cannot find the owner back…kind of made a mistake when saving my picture and bye bye original mask file. My deepeest apologies. But I guess that’s how you learn, right ? The hard way this time but…

See you soon (I hope !) for another try at digital scrapbooking.

3 thoughts on “First digiscrap layout

    • ninigoesdigi says:

      Merci Valiloun,
      Tu es officiellement la premiere scrappeuse a me donner un commentaire. Super contente ! Je transmettrai le compliment aussi a mon cousin, en esperant qu’il ne m’en voudra pas trop d’avoir publie mon montage avec sa fille ainee dessus, mais je pense que c’est une photo reussie alors il n’y aura pas de soucis j’en suis sure.
      A bientot pour d’autres montages. Amities !

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