Pimprenel : Carnaval Collab

Pimprenel and  some designers of the boutique Scraptaboutic collaborated on a kit called Carnaval. No need to explain what theme it is about ;). I didn’t have any carnaval pictures but as you can see you can scrap any other theme you want.

Pimrenel et des créatrices de la boutique Scraptaboutic ont collaboré pour créer un kit appelé Carnaval. Pas besoin de vous expliquer le thème du kit ;).  Je n’avais pas de photo de carnaval mais comme vous pouvez le voir, on peut très bien scraper sur d’autres thèmes.

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English : I love this picture of the roof protecting a big bell next to a temple (I’m specific because it is not a temple but still it is a beautiful roof). For New Year, Japanese buy lucky charms to protect them during the new year, but they also come to burn the old lucky charms of the previous year and it is done on the 7th of January. On this picture, taken by night, you can guess how intense the fire was  burning a few meters away: it’s were the Japanese were throwing their new year’s decorations and old lucky charms. I didn’t use a flash and barely edited this picture. Even though it is a bit grainy, I wanted to share with you.

Credits :

Collab Kit Carnaval @ Scraptaboutic
Freebie template 7 by Ashes
Fonts : Black Jack, Monika

And I wanted to show you a few new pages too. Et je voulais aussi vous montrer quelques nouvelles pages.

English : I imagine when I see this picture that every day’s stress and little worries just fly away and disappear when you burst of laughter.

Credits :

Kit Unconditionally by Lauraskathi
Template : Sketch me 26 by Kawouette, guest for Feb/March @ ZigZagScrap
Fonts : Kristen ITC, Pea Olson

English : My aunt is an artist with multiple talents : she paints, she draws pastels, makes ceramics, and clay sculptures. Here is an example of what she maid after some beautiful African drawings.

Credits : Inspired by a page of cnscrap

Kit Hennai by Lynne-Marie @ ZigZagScrap
Fonts : Traveling Typewriter, Corbel


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  1. ANNICK says:

    Encore des super photos !! Tout me plait : les photos, l’utilisation des couleurs, des accessoires. tout est harmonieusement bien disposé!!! Bisous

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