Washi : Japanese Paper, my new freebie kit

Well, today has finally come and here is the 1st part (out of 4) of my new freebie kit. I called it Washi and it means Japanese Paper. It was inspired, again, by the beautiful Japanese papers and also some fabrics I had at home. I also had quite some fun making some doodles in Inkscape. It’s a free drawing program, and because I can’t make doodles in Photoshop Elements I’m glad I found out about this cool vector program. Actually that’s how I made the doodles in my last freebie kit. This time I made the swirly doodles, the flower and the heart. Once I had the basic shape, I created a PNG file that I opened in Photoshop Elements and applied some styles or colors as I like. Nevertheless, I still don’t know how to make stuffs like buttons so I always add 1 or 2 buttons from Gunhild Storeide’s freebies and I thought I should talk about it today. You definitely need to go check her freebies, they are always very cool and beautiful. The butterfly is also by her. And finally, because it’s spring very soon, I picked some funky colors. Hope you’ll like it. Keep your eyes open for the following 3 parts and thanks a lot for leaving some love and feed back.

Et bien, voilà enfin le moment venu de vous donner la première partie (sur 4) de mon dernier kit freebie. Je l’ai appelé Washi et ça veut dire papier japonais. J’ai été inspirée, encore une fois, par les superbes papiers japonais et aussi pas des tissus que j’ai à la maison. Je me suis aussi bien amusée à créer des “gribouillages” avec Inkscape. C’est un logiciel de création de vectors (dessins) et parce que je ne peux pas faire ce genre de choses dans Photoshop Elements, je suis bien contente d’avoir trouvé ce logiciel. En fait, c’est avec le même programme que j’ai fait certains éléments de mon dernier kit freebie. Cette fois j’ai fait les lignes entortillées, la fleur et le coeur. Une fois que j’ai la forme de base, j’ai créé un fichier PNG et je l’ai ouvert dans Photoshop Elements où j’y ai appliqué des styles et des couleurs à mon goût. Cependant, je ne sais toujours pas comment faire des boutons alors je rajoute toujours un ou deux boutons qui viennent de freebies de Gunhild Storeide et je me suis dis que je devrais en parler ici aujourd’hui. Il faut absolument que vous alliez voir ses freebies car ils sont toujours superbes et très cools. Le papillon est aussi de sa main. Enfin, et parce que c’est bientôt le printemps, j’ai choisi des couleurs assez funky. J’espère que vous aimerez. Gardez les yeux bien ouverts pour les parties suivantes et merci de laisser un petit mot quand vous charger.

And here are a few pages  my Publiscrap forum friends made for me. Thank you again so much girls ! You are awesome !

Et voici quelques pages que les scropines du forum Publiscrap ont eu la gentillesse de me faire. Merci encore les filles ! Vous êtes géniales !


By Dady

By Dady

By Kyloulou

By Peneloppes

By Tartine

By Vavie


By Zadflower




32 thoughts on “Washi : Japanese Paper, my new freebie kit

  1. Orkan says:

    magnifique ! je suis contente d’avoir découvert ton blog à travers notre amie Vavie !!!

  2. Mary says:

    Beautiful! I love the delicate colors and patterns. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent.

  3. Mirna Barriga says:

    Thank you so much for the freebie. I don’t know how to make the elements or the kits but I have a great time putting together new compositions and love to combine elements and papers from unrelated kits.

  4. Deborah K says:

    This is a lovely kit. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy that your blog is in English, French, and Japanese. My most favorite place to ever live was Japan.

  5. JPN says:

    Greetings! I stumbled across your blog as I was searching for Japanese-themed papers. My first (and half-Japanese ;)) son is due to be born in April and I’m trying to gather papers and other goods to make him his first ever scrapbook. I saw that the link for this papers has expired, but I don’t see them available in your store either… Is there any way I could still get the files from you or would you consider listing them in your store? 大変なこと頼んで申し訳ありませんが、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします! >_<

    • ninigoesdigi says:

      Hi there. I’m glad you like my creations but right now I’m on a vacation to France. Won’t be back to Japan until March 10. I can’t remember if I kept the files on my HD but if I have I’ll see what I can do. Sayonara ! Can’t type any Japanese on my mum’s computer!! lol

  6. JPN says:

    Thanks so much for your reply! Please enjoy the rest of your visit in France and soak up all the homey culture. I’d love to hear from you when you get back home to Japan and after you’ve had enough time to settle in; I know how the long travel and time differences can just take everything out of a person!

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