Publiscrap : April collab + clean pages

Today, the new freebie collab of the Publiscrap forum was released ! If you go visit all the blogs of the participating members you can get this fantastic kit ! Enjoy and don’t forget to say thank you ! And I take this opportunity to show the last clean pages I maid for challenges in the forum.

Aujourd’hui la collab freebie du forum Publiscrap est sortie ! Si vous visitez tous les blogs des participantes vous pourrez avoir ce superbe kit ! Amusez-vous bien et n’oubliez pas de dire merci ! J’en profite pour vous montrer mes pages clean faites pour les challenges du forum.

今日はPubliscrapフォーラムのフリビーコラボレーションキットがリリースされました。参加したメンバーのブログに行けばこちらの素晴らしいキットをもらえます。楽しんで下さい。それと、ありがとうを残してあげてね(merci beaucoup)。ところで、Publiscrapフォーラムのチャレンジの為に作ったページもお見せします。

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Credits :

Publiscrap Freebie Collab for April
Freebie template 41 by Bao – Free Photo from
Fonts : MTF Notebook, Corbel

Credits : Lift of Zadflower’s page

RAK for my friends – Kit Sweet Year by Ange

Credits : For a relay game, lift of LSlycord‘s page

Paper and frame : Miss Vivi – Essentials
Lips : Joyce Paul – Delight
Smiley : Joyce Paul – Color

Credits :

Papers from kit Growing by Ange
Freebie template 40 by Bao
Fonts : MTF Notebook, Corbel

Credits : Lift of Che-Yang’s page

Background paper : kit freebie Mitten by 3 paper Peonies
Brown paper : kit freebie Change by 3 paper Peonies
Frame and yellowish : kit Imagination by Ange and 3 paper Peonies
WA : kit Blossom by 3 paper Peonies
Metal heart : kit Noticed by 3 paper Peonies
Photo treatment : Freebie Photoshop Action Coconut by Erin Ashley Photography