Zig Zag Scrap in Fall

It smells like… fall at Zig Zag Scrap ! Not teens spirit like the song says lol !… I’m a rock fan and sometimes hard rock even, did you know ! But I listen to many different things depending on the mood. I am what we call an artichoke heart – I had to check the dictionary for that because I wrote it “artichock” first and it didn’t seem quite right lol Thank you Reverso ! (if you want a good link to English/French translations that is mine : I think they have quite  a lot of example sentences that allow you to get the nuance of some words of expressions much better. Anyway, we are here to talk scrap and not dictionary, plus I don’t get any commission so no need to be bla bla too much lol. So I was saying I’m an artichoke heart because I change my liking very often !! lol ! The dictionary says it for me “someone who falls in love easily and often” ! That’s exactly my case for music ! ha ha. ANYWAY !!! Here I am again babling !!! I hope you’ll enjoy the pages I maid for Zig Zag Scrap new products and come back tomorrow for a link to my new freebie template !!!

Ca sent… l’automne à Zig Zag Scrap ! Pas “teens spirit comme dans la chanson “smells like teens spirit” ha ha ha !… Je suis une fan de rock et parfois de hard rock, vous le saviez ! Mais j’écoute des trucs différents selon l’humeur. Je suis ce que l’on appelle un coeur d’artichaud parce que je change souvent de goûts ! Le dico le dit très bien pour moi : “Tomber facilement et souvent amoureux” ! C’est exactement le cas pour moi en musique ! ha ha ha. Passons !!! Je radote !!! J’espère que vous aimerez mes pages avec les nouveaux produits à Zig Zag Scrap et revenez demain pour avoir le lien vers mon nouveau template freebie !!!

English : Hermine fascinated with the chestnuts husks

Credits :

Paper Pack Feelin’ Krafty No.2 by Cheeky Monkey @ Zig Zag Scrap
Leaves patterned paper : Falling Softly Paper Pack by Cheeky Monkey @ Zig Zag Scrap
Tiny dots patterned papers : Teeny Polka Paper Pack by Blue Flower Art
Elements from kit Hoot ! by Cheeky Monkey
Fonts : Next, Corbel

English : Thank You – I don’t say it often enough but thank you. Thank you for working so hard for me, for your family. Thank you for staying strong despite the adversity, despite sometimes the lack of gratitude of your students, the lack of support from your colleagues. It is probably not always easy every day but you are very brave and very patient and this is what makes your strengh. Thank you for being you. P.S. I Love You

Credits :

Template Simply Mapped 08 by Lilleyscrap Designs @ Zig Zag Scrap
Simply Lettered Keyboard Alpha by Lilleyscrap Designs @ Zig Zag Scrap
FREE with Purchase Collab Kit “Letter To A Friend” by @ Zig Zag Scrap Designers
(WA “P.S. Je T’aime” included in the collab)
Font for journaling : Black Jack


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