Busy bee? No just busy Pink Reptile!

Mirjam from Pink Reptile designs has been very busy this fall and I have 2 more new collab kits to present you !! 1 with Jenn Barrette and 1 with Ange Designs. They are gorgeous again so no need to say it… Oh what the heck : THEY ARE gorgeous !!!!!! lol

Mirjam de Pink Reptile designs a été très occupée det automne et j’ai encore 2 nouveaux kits collabs à vous montrer !! 1 avec Jenn Barrette et 1 avec Ange Designs. Ils sont magnifiques mais ce n’est pas la peine de le préciser ! Oh et puis allez ! Pourquoi pas après tout : ils sont magnifiques !!!!!! mdr

English : I don’t know why but I really have a hard time to erase the PSD files of my scrap pages. I should save them in big JPEG format and get rid of those files but I can’t help it… I keep the originals forever. I erased a few but so few considering the number of my pages. I will have to do some cleaning someday because my HD won’t suffer my passion much longer ha ha ha!

Credits :

Kit Collab Scrap! by Pink Reptile Designs & Ange Designs @ Zig Zag Scrap & @ DigiscrappersBrasil
Template from Kit Collab School is Cool by Pink Reptile Designs & Fizzy Pop Designs @ Zig Zag Scrap

English : I always liked to admire the “show” nature puts on in Japan but when visiting this temple’s garden, it seemed that it was the first time I was discovering the colors of fall. It has been a while since I was so subjugated by the natural beauty of Japan.

Credits :

Kit Collab Doctor, Doctor by Pink Reptile Designs & Jenn Barette @ Zig Zag Scrap
Freebie Double Page Templates 31 by Margote
Font : Caviar Dreams


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