New gorgeous templates by Lynne-Marie!!!

I should have been preparing my classes yesterday but I couldn’t wait to play with those fantastic goodies!! And once you start, it’s difficult to stop, right?! lol (I worked after that of course 😉 ) So here are 2 pages with Lynne-Marie new templates : Press Play 2. Enjoy!!

J’aurais dû être en train de préparer mes classes hier mais je ne pouvais attendre pour m’amuser avec ces superbes créas !! Et une fois partie, c’est dur de s’arrêter, n’est-ce pas ?! ha ha ha  (j’ai quand même bossé après hein 😉 ) Alors voilà 2 pages avec les nouveaux templates de Lynne-Marie : Press Play 2. Enjoy!!

English: To make you endure the trip in the car, your mummy usually shows you YouTube videos of the Barbapapas. But even arrived at destination you couldn’t stop watching them and would look at them very carefully one after another.
This is when I played the spy and “machine gunned” you with my camera. It was a to good opportunity to take you natural of course but most of all, to engrave this adorable little face on my memory card. And it will also make a nice present, I hope, for your mummy of course.

Credits :

Press Play 02 Templates by Lynne-Marie Designs @ CatScraps
*** Grungy photo overlay and paint splats are in the template ***
Mother Goose – Goslings paper set by Lynne-Marie Designs @ CatScraps
Mother Goose – pieces by Lynne-Marie Designs @ CatScraps
Font : Travelling Typewriter

Credits :

Press Play 02 Templates by Lynne-Marie Designs @ CatScraps
Kit Woodstock by Lynne-Marie Designs @ CatScraps
Font : Porcelain, Travelling Typewriter


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