Scrap time with ZZS gorgeous grab bags!!

Did you know there was a ton of gorgeous grab bags at Zig Zag Scrap now? And that they are offered at a very very low price until July 29th? Well, you’d better go check because they are amazing!! Here are a few pages with some of the gorgeous goodies Zig Zag Scrap designers have for you!! Enjoy!

Saviez-vous qu’il y avait une tonne de grab bags à Zig Zag Scrap maintenant ? Et qu’ils vous sont proposés à un tout petit prix jusqu’au 29 juillet ? Et bien, vous feriez mieux d’aller voir car ils sont superbes !! Voici quelques pages avec plusieurs de ces merveilles que les créatrices de Zig Zag Scrap ont créé pour vous !! Amusez-vous bien !

English: you look all sad on this photo. I can’t believe somebody just abandonned you here alone ?! I suppose therefore you’ve been scolded ? Well, of course one can’t be an angel 24h a day!

Credits :

ZZS Birthday Grab Bag by Pink Reptile Designs @ Zig Zag Scrap
5 gorgeous goodies for ONLY 5$!!!! – July 23rd to 30th – DON’T WAIT
Font : Traveling Typewriter

English: When it comes to entertain the gallery you are always on the same wave length. Today it’s with mummy in law’s chicken that you gave us a good laugh.

Credits :

Kit Collab Blessed by Ocean Wide Designs & ninigoesdigi @ ZZS
Template from ZZS Birthday Grab Bag #1 by Studio 68 @ ZZS
Font : FG Cathie’s Hand, Caviar Dreams

This is what happens when you want to take a family picture with the dog lol

Credits :

ZZS Birthday Grab Bag #2 by Studio 68 @ Zig Zag Scrap
Alpha for title in the grab bag
Template from ZZS Birthday Grab Bag #1 by Studio 68 @ Zig Zag Scrap


6 thoughts on “Scrap time with ZZS gorgeous grab bags!!

  1. Annick says:

    Ces photos de familles sont superbement disposées, je les adore d’autant plus que je les croyais perdues. Merci à ma petite japonaise. bisous

  2. Soco says:

    Elles sont toutes superbes, mais j’ai un GROS coup de coeur pour la première ! La photo est trop belle, ton journaling parfait et la page magnifique !

  3. doti40 says:

    Fantastic pages!! I love the last – awesome photos :LOL:
    And Thank You for a kind words about my job and pages 🙂

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