Last scrap of 2011

Hi everyone! I’ve been away for about a week and I’m finally home trying to get better after a gastroenteritis hit me pretty bad in the night of Wednesday to Thursday. I spent half of my night visiting the toilets lol. I went to the closest hospital near our hotel the next morning and got a drip to re-hydate my body and some medicine so I feel much better now and even had a decent meal yesterday evening… I was just too hungry to keep drinking my sports drink lol. What an appropriate crappy way to end a crappy year, to say the least. We have to be positive and think that we got it all in 2011 so 2012 can only be better and it shall be great even, I think we deserved it!!! So, what a best way to end 2011 but make a page about it all. This is a double pager made with Brine Design great 52 project templates and it was very therapeutic to see that there was also some good in this terrible year. For those who wants to read you can see the translation at the bottom of this post. So enjoy and I’ll talk to you soon in 2012!! I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!! Take care!!

Bonjour tout le monde !! J’étais en déplacement pendant à peu près une semaine, et je suis enfin à la maison à essayer de me remettre d’une sale gastro qui m’a fait rendre visite aux toilettes la  moitié de la nuit de mercredi à jeudi lol. Je suis allée à l’hôpital le plus proche de notre hôtel le matin suivant et après une perfusion (de saline) pour réhydrater mon corps et des médicaments je me sens maintenant beaucoup mieux et j’ai même pu avoir un dîner potable hier soir. J’avais vraiment trop faim et je ne voulais plus avoir pour seule repas une boisson sportive ha ha ha. Quelle façon désastreuse et appropriée de finir une année désastreuse hein ?! Il faut être positifs tout de même et se dire que tout est arrivé en 2011 et que donc 2012 ne pourra être que meilleure, merveilleuse même car je crois que nous le méritons !! Alors, quelle meilleure façon de finir 2011 que d’en faire une page. Voici une double page faite grâce aux supers templates de Brine Design pour vos projets 52 semaines et c’était très thérapeutique de voir qu’il y avait aussi de bonnes choses dans cette année (je viens de remarquer les fautes mais tant pis je laisse comme ça pour le blog, je corrigerai sur le fichier original 😉 ). Bonne lecture et je vous dis à bientôt en 2012 !! J’espère que vous passerez un très bon réveillon !! Prenez soin de vous surtout !

Left / Gauche

Cliquez l’image pour voir en un peu plus grand.

Right / Droite

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Credits :

Project 52 {Every Week Layered Template} by Brine Design @ ZZS
Blue paper and elements from kit Winter At The Window by ninigoesdigi @ ZZS
Patterned paper and green paper from Newsletter Gift Winter At The Window by ninigoesdigi
Font : Corbel for journal, Caviar Dreams for title

English translation of my journal:

2011 will have been marked by terrible events and will stay for a long time the worst for many of people as for me but in retrospect qnd despite the fear, the terror sometimes, the sadness and the discouragement too, I still will have some important moments left, strong and joyous ones too that I want to be remembered. They are moments that made me stronger or more optimistic despite the hard circumstances and I have to not forget them.
January: nothing special. Just a new year’s eve spent with a good friend and some good wishes for the new year in a Japanese shrine.
February: first day skiing in Japan and first time for Dong.
February/March: trip to France – we enjoy time with family, the gastronomie and beautiful strolls.
March 11th: the day where our lives, so many lives, fall over (I wasn’t sure what English to use for the French but I’m sure you’ll understand)
April: first visit in the Oshika Peninsula. Almost one month after the disaster and the reconstruction seems impossible.
May: first photos with my new camera. Again photos of the disaster but this is now and unfortunately my everyday life.
June: first photos that give back a smile. My friends organised a free meal distribution, and they had some gaes for the kids. Seeing those little ones smile and have fun innocently puts us back in good spirits.

July: a hot and humid summer like every other year but we did our best to participate to the food distributions in the most affected area of the town.
August: a month that starts in beauty thanks to the city annual fireworks, even though this one is teinted with a bitter-sweet note, it is a proof the town wants to go forward and is not giving up against the disaster. And also of course food distributions are still going on.
September: a little trip to Aomori perks us up. So much greenery and freshness after months in the dust feels really good.
October: a month marked with a very beautiful traditional event to put back the people of Ishinomaki in good spirits: traditional dances and music warm up the hearts.
November: another beautiful event to celebrate the renovation of a temple in one of the most affected district of the town. Lion dance, Japanese Taiko and mochi tsuki (steamed rice paste crushed with a wooden stick).
December: first snow – little trip to Mishima and Tokyo – and a gastroenteritis to end the year in style lol but hey, it didn’t stop me scraping this page so I’m not going to complain huh.