MScraps 5th Birthday Party: sales + big deals + freebies

Today we are celebrating MScraps’ 5th birthday! Happy birthday!!! And we have so much fun for our loyal customers!!! You won’t believe your eyes! First of all of course a big store sales! 40% OFF everything (excluding my January new CU products).

*** { ninigoesdigi PU store } *** { ninigoesdigi CU store } ***

I also got to collaborate with MEG Designs and we came up with a huuuuge and super sweet collection. Have a look at the sneak peek 😉

It will be only $6 for 6 wonderful products until Monday 2nd. When we reveal the full collection, the price will go up so don’t miss your chance!

And of course we have not one but TWO FB/blog hop going on!! Have fun!!




9 thoughts on “MScraps 5th Birthday Party: sales + big deals + freebies

  1. Pam K says:

    I love the paper for the CU hop; it’s design is so dainty! & thank you for sharing the alpha && numbers — so nice of you to include the numbers!

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